Engage Egaming Hub


Identity & Branding


Nu Metro Cinemas (second largest cinema chain in South Africa) has for a long time realized that there is a natural link between the film industry and the gaming industry (especially with the explosion of gaming-based films in the last few years) and as such has wanted to marry the two.

Through various discussions with key industry stakeholders, the idea of an eSports hub was borne. This hub will not only service hardcore gamers, but will appeal to the more commercial side of gaming, by inviting social gamers, publishers, distributors, corporates, schools, varsities, etc to participate in a variety of games, activities, launches, programmes and events.

the deliverables for this project were A logo and icon that would translate into branding on various levels (apparel, collectibles, etc), into signage and into all marketing collateral (print, digital, animation).

it was important that the logo and icon had the potential to become a household brand name. Neither hardcore, nor social gamers, must feel alienated. It must be remembered that we are speaking to a host of consumers – from an 8 year-old school-goer to a 45 year-old CEO hosting a corporate event for a new product.

The hub has yet to be developed.

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