Path Executive


Identity & Branding


Path Executive is a boutique search firm specialising in banking, finance, legal, tax and corporate development, with a focus on Africa. The company is a legacy group consisting of three specialist divisions namely Path Executive (which is also the master brand), Path Banking and Path Legal. The objective of the company is to place the perfect candidate into the perfect role in a high end corporate firm.

The concept for this logo option was inspired by Charles Darwin.In 1862, Darwin received a package of orchids from the distinguished horticulturist James Bateman. This package included a specimen from East Africa. The defining characteristic of this species of orchid surprised Darwin. The nectary of the flower measured 25 - 30cm in length.

Darwin predicted that there must be a very unique pollinator moth with a proboscis long enough to reach the nectar at the end of the nectary.

Darwin’s prediction was realised 21 years after his death, when a Hawk Moth was discovered in Madagascar with a proboscis long enough to reach the nectar in this particular species of orchid. Thus forming a unique and perfect match.

This option was not chosen by client, although they loved the concept.

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